The Great Commission, what gives you the right?

I see here on the Cyber mega information highway that some Christians use this as a means to convey their faith to others. I see some examples of sharing that are little more than scare tactics, extreme teaching about the end days that are upon us, and other types of things that make us for the most part look like fools. The typical unbeliever doesn’t need to look vary far to find his personal ammunition to keep what he believes to be us representing our savior at arms length or farther. What gives us the right to witness the Gospel to the lost is building a relationship with them.  When a missionary enters the field he doesn’t go in spouting platitudes , he gets to know the person or people builds a relationship of trust that leads them to care for that person and in turn that person will give you the benefit of listening. Christ genuinely loved and cared for those he ministered to in the Gospels we read, he was able to speak boldly about the coming kingdom because he gained their trust through his acts of love and mercy. Not by sitting on a hill spouting doom and gloom to the masses like I find on the internet. Get off your computer ( I know that some of you feel that this is your ministry, but it should only be an extension of it, Not all of it ) Go to the Jail, Go to the soup kitchen, Go to the convalescent centers and hospitals, Go to the Red Light districts, Build relationships by being a friend and servant to them. Then you will see the Gospel spread because they saw Christ in you. ( Please re read  Mathew 25)


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