Your life, your idol

My friends have always labeled me as a bit of an extremist, My friend Roger once told me “ Your so drastic when it comes to anything remotely dangerous, I’m going to call you Drastic measures Mike.” In saying that some of this may seem a little drastic, but this article is simply written to take a personal inventory and examine what it takes to be a disciple of Christ. I have discovered in Christianity that people have said they have made certain things into Idols such as celebrities and material possessions. I often wondered are these truly Idols and if so how are they replacing God. I had to look at what an Idol is to the world and also within Christianity. First I researched the broad definition that states: 1.object of adoration: somebody or something greatly admired or loved, often to excess. 2.object worshiped as god: something that is worshiped as a god, e.g. a statue or carved image. 3.forbidden object of worship: in monotheistic religions, an object of worship other than the one God. I am not sure we as Christians are engaging in worshiping the Golden Calf, our idolatry may be much more subtle but never the less damaging. Simply put, Christian idolatry is the sin of giving someone or something a place of preeminence above God. This is a violation of the First of the Ten Commandments. Christians can be just as guilty of this sin as unbelievers. In my hometown of Renton,Wa. I have witnessed secular idol worship first hand at the grave of Jimi Hendrix. While I haven’t witnessed outward idol worship to this degree within Christianity, I have noticed something other than the obvious popular Christian idols of 1. Colossians 3:5 “Therefore consider the members of your earthly body as dead to immorality, impurity, passion, evil desire, and greed, which amounts to idolatry.” I have noticed to a degree our unwillingness to work outside our comfort zone. This is sometimes where God calls us to work. I recently have been involved in discussions about ministering to the victimized and disenfranchised mothers in our community, while I feel it is prudent to know and discuss the possible dangers it should not be a deterrent from responding to gods calling. I have had instances in the past where I have been involved in talks regarding helping someone and have heard examples of offending people and in turn putting yourself in danger by offering to help them, this was a pretext to deter us from getting involved in someone’s life. Looking back what a convoluted reason for not helping people. While watching the movie Rambo, I was struck by the noble attempt by Rambo and the Christian missionaries to venture into war-torn Burma, and rescue a group of Christian aid workers who were kidnapped. Thinking about the movie made me recall the countless missionaries that for the sake of the Gospel are obedient to their calling and put their own lives at stake and venture in to the jungles, communist countries, and war torn parts of the world to introduce them to our risen savior. In drastic comparison offending someone with love and the right intentions isn’t going to be the reason they reject the Gospel, it goes much deeper than that. We must listen to what God calls us to do and respond in a fashion pleasing to God. I can’t think of anything as dangerous and scary as putting your own live in front of the “ONE” who gave it to you. Is your life your Idol?